日本語以外でのご対応について/Planning in Eng/CN are available


Planning in English and chinese are available.

For inquiries from people using foreign languages.
M & D Associates is also available in English and Chinese.


[ setagaya tokyo Japan ] You can inquiry planning remodeling(reform) in multiple language.

Hello, in generally, we answer to customer service in Japanese.
but we also have past achievements in writing and hearing, so we would appreciate your attention.


By the way, for reference, a couple from Singapore and Canada said that they will acquire a second-hand property when they move to Setagaya Ward. I will write the contents below. We will try to communicate the nuances as much as possible in English, so we would be grateful if you could consult with us if your native language is not Japanese.


date. 0419 2020

[customer needs , Information / 貴方希望 ]
Q.what would you want to make the remodeling?

1) floor – heating floor (on all level except the basement)
2) Bathroom
3) kitchen cabinets
4) huge wardrobe for the room and living room

Name – ********
House – 一軒家、living room, kitchen, bathroom, flooring etc.
Budget – 6mil to 8mil. Prefer 6mil

[Document required for agreement / 見積時に必要な書類]
[Document required for agreement / 契約時に必要な書類]
Real estate brokerage certificate * we make estimate possible only if a sales contract is planned.
Identification card (resident’s card)

[Payment terms/支払条件]

you pay the cost of this remodeling in 3 times.

  • At the start 工事開始時点 / 30%
  • waypoint 中間 / 40%
  • Delivered- within 10days. 納品時(10日以内) / 30%

[Note – What I would like to say at this point / 私が現時点でお伝えした方がいいと思うこと]

The construction term is 2 or 3 months. when it get start construction?

There’s no need for concern to manage remodeling for foreigner long distance.

 Basically our contract written by Japanese, so we’ll write some part of contract detail in your choice language – English or Chinese.
And if you want , We will explain important points by Interpreter.

I’m president of remodeling Organization name “M&D associates.-Management and Design associates.”
And I will make your estimate , design , presentation. The other person Build and plan for you.


 I think, there is a little bit cold to live, if you choice floor heating.
your budget is 6-8mil, but you should cost for it 10 to 13 mil to live there comfort.
But you really want make it by 6 to 8mil , We plan the construction within your budget.

do you use roan?

In this way, our strength is that we can support reforms in multiple languages ​​such as English and Chinese, which are rare in Japan, so if you have any questions regarding reforms, we would be grateful if you could consult with us once. – CEO Kazuhiro Ishihara

このように、国内でも数少ない英語や中国語などの多言語でリフォームに対応できるのが私どもの強みですので、リフォームでご不明な点、ご相談ございましたらぜひ一度ご相談頂ければ幸いです。 代表 kazuhiro ishihara

CEO/Designer / Kazuhiro Ishihara